Stars Without Number: What comes next

Greetings, dear readers! I'm sorry it's been a while since my last post. I've been a bit busy with my new job. Since my last post, our heroes in the Stars Without Number campaign have been through quite a lot of adventuring! They've helped a construction chief deal with some blackmailers, rescued a young psychic from a radical government organization, and halted efforts into mind-control research on the planet of Dune. One of our characters, the psychic healer Tarsus, recovered from his amnesia and became reinstated as a covert operative in Drastus's psionic military. Among other things, he received a dossier containing brief descriptions of possible future operations. These are the contents of that dossier.

"Greetings, Sicario. You've been inactive for some time. No matter. We've gathered a few items that require your attention. Most are on other planets within the sphere of the Brotherhood's influence. As per usual, we cannot provide any additional personnel to support you. You are, however, allowed to recruit a squad of your own, provided they keep to the same standards of secrecy and professionalism as you do. With that out of the way, we call your attention to the following items:

Item 1: Solo Nobre Concern
On January 31st, 3200, Great Leader of Novo Solo passed away in his sleep. The days since then have been characterized by levels of violence unseen on Novo Solo since The Troubles fifty years ago, as Corvid revolutionaries wage guerrilla warfare against Loyalist troops. In addition, several mercenaries both native and non-native have been contracted by a shadowy organization calling themselves the Solo Nobre Concern. These mercenaries have been destroying various key resources throughout the capital city, ranging from military comms towers, to residences of high-ranking Loyalist officials, to Great Leader's infamous anti-orbital cannon array. We require a Sicario to go undercover as an offworld mercenary, discover the true motives of the SNC, and relay those motives to us. Expect further orders upon completion of this initial objective.

Item 2: Dune
We understand you have some familiarity with the operations of the Extraterrestrial Party on the nearby planet of Dune. It appears that your recent involvement with them has not fully deterred them from their illicit excavations. We'll need you to once again tail their research team and put a stop to whatever plans they have.

Item 3: Transportation
In our meeting, you expressed interest in acquiring a more defensible starship for your operations. We've located one that may suit your needs. It's called the Spartan, but you're free to rechristen it as you see fit. It comes equipped with a grade-2 spike drive, multifocal lasers, a sandthrower, and augmented plating. Let us know if this will be suitable, or if we need to spend more time looking.

This concludes this missive. Delete after reading."


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