Stars Without Number 3: Hostile Worlds

Last time, I wrote about some of the more decent, civilized worlds in my custom sector. This time, let's explore the seedier side of the sector, shall we? In this entry, we'll take a look at various worlds that, for one reason or another, would be considered dangerous to travelers.

First, there's the two worlds governed by the Noah's Ark Zoological Exchange. Once the galaxy's foremost supplier of livestock, crop seeds, and in vitro meats, it's become corrupted and now exists as a eugenic cult, attempting to engineer the ideal life form. Its headquarters on the feral world of Knossos is home to the decadent lifestyle of the corporate and cult elite as well as the squalor of the very poor and the human guinea pig. The Zoological Exchange also has control of the nearby world of Lumina and its heavy industrial activity.

Nearby to these twin worlds is Planet 51, which is ruled by a collection of warring parties with 1800's-era technology, each of which is led by its lord or lady. While the heads of each state are aware of the existence of the wider galactic community, the general populace isn't. It's an Area 51 situation, hence the planet's name.

In the "northwestern" region of the sector, near Spintu and Drastus, lie three more unwelcoming worlds. The first of these is Novo Uno, a tomb world that's now home only to primal bands of raiding tribes. Its sister planet, Novo Solo, is governed by a tyrannical dictator known as Great Leader and defended by an immense array of anti-air cannons. Finally, there's Dune, a desert world home to a superstitious population who worship the decaying remains of the planet's previous inhabitants, a race of wasplike humanoids.

Along the sector's "southern" edge are Canvassi, Pompeii, Shodan, and New Jerusalem, each hostile in its own way. Canvassi's natives are notoriously xenophobic, and protective of a pre-Silence artifact they call the Forge of Life. Pompeii is ruled by a rigid theocracy, and torn by seismic instability. Shodan is a police state ruled by an un-braked AI. And New Jerusalem is a feral world, home to a cult of pre-tech worshipping maniacs.

Finally, the sector's central belt is home to three more hostile worlds. Yukaz has been overrun by zombies, and only the most daring of biologists dare visit the desolate tomb world. Axeno has only recently re-entered the galactic community, and operates on a strict policy of minimal contact with other worlds. And Giger is torn by freak storms, and home to a sealed menace...

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  1. God created Arrakis to train the faithful! There better be some spice mining on this world of Dune!

    1. Well, there's definitely mining, but it might not be for spice. ;)


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