Stars Without Number, part 2: The Edison Energy Exchange

Hello, dear reader! I hope all of you have been well. Today, I'm going to talk a bit about the sector I've been building, and one of the powers that controls it.

Edison Energy Exchange is a large, multi-sector conglomerate with interests in nuclear power as well as old-school fossil fuels. As a member of the Exchange, the cabal of bankers and businesses that run all commerce in human territory, Edison has a commitment to peaceful negotiation above violent acquisition - although that's not to say that Edison is a purely pacifist organization. Wealth requires security, and Edison commands a large fleet of standing troops and mercenary groups ready to defend their precious cargo. Edison's operations largely consist of mining for fuel, such as uranium, plutonium, and simple carbon compounds. It's a difficult job, but someone has to do it. And if that someone happens to get filthy rich in the process, who's to complain?

Worlds under Edison's control are likely to be busy and heavily-polluted due to the heavy mining and industry that goes on, but are also bastions of the liberal democracy that the Terran Mandate was best known for. Edison doesn't allow barbarism or mal-tech research on its worlds, so you might say they're the good guys. Edison executives certainly think they are.

Here's a rundown of the worlds where Edison Energy Exchange holds a significant sway:

KrakenKraken’s biosphere is as hostile as its namesake, with large, tiger-like apex predators prowling the forests and toxic pollens polluting the fields. Luckily, the Exchange has some limited access to pre-Silence tech manufactories, which it used to devise ingenious city-sized fleets of ships to patrol the largely hospitable oceans. From here, its executives can travel the globe in comfort, enjoying luxurious tropical sunshine during the winter and crisp arctic breezes during the summer. But it isn’t all play; executives do the hard business of managing a sector-spanning business empire from here. Not to mention the fact that the oceans are teeming with giant whale/squid hybrids which occasionally attack the city.

Drastus: While Drastus isn't the capitol of the sector, it is the largest shipyard, and that makes it a valuable asset to Edison. Edison isn't the planetary government, although it wishes it were. Rather, Drastus's gov't is led by the Enlightened Brotherhood, a sect of psychically-active politicians and businesspeople who manage the planet as best they can. While the Brotherhood's view of psionics is superstitious at best and dangerous at worst, they have the support of the people, and that's all that matters. Edison Energy Exchange contents itself to be the primary energy supplier to the orbital shipyards around Drastus.

Spintu: I mentioned Spintu in a previous post - it's a radioactive world which glows like a flare in the darkness of space. Volcanoes are constantly spewing glowing green lava into the air, as rich in nuclear fuel as it is deadly. Spintu isn't hospitable, but it is a valuable asset to a company which prides itself on its mining capabilities.

C'thon: Another planet with rich uranium deposits, and (unsurprisingly) another planet under relentless excavation by the Edison Energy Exchange. The air is choked with debris and particulate. The once-beautiful landscape polluted by machine oil and trampled by tire tracks. Little does the Exchange know of the horrors that await beneath the surface. Just a little deeper…

Ebbot: The cold, mountainous world of Ebbot is home to a peaceable alien race known as the Ebboti. Their pacifist philosophy and sheep-like appearance have endeared them to the human colonists. Edison has a great interest in the massive uranium deposits on this planet, but can they retrieve them without starting a diplomatic incident?


  1. I like the subtlety of that reference. No one will suspect any eldritch horrors lying in wait beneath C'Thon!

    1. Yeah, it's not very subtle, but it's easy for me to remember. Most of the names are like that: Giger, Planet 51, Dune, etc. I tried to make it so that every planet's name reminds me what's on the planet. :)


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