Stars Without Number 4: Alien Empires, Great and Small

Hello, dear reader! I've attached the completed map of the Kraken sector, so that you can more easily visualize the relative location of each world. Worlds in yellow were covered in post #2, and are largely controlled by the Edison Energy Exchange. Red worlds are independent from each other, but united in their hostility towards the PC's. Green, purple, blue, and pink worlds are the topic of today's post.

Green marks the borders of the once-great Hist Empire. The Hist are a reptilian race of sadistic scientists and ruthless researchers, known to abuse other species to sate their curiosity. Since the fall of their homeworld in the Scream 600 years ago, they've been seeking a new capitol for their empire. They've only recently met with success, after a series of disastrous colonization attempts on various worlds.

The Ebbott are a peaceful and fearful race of sheeplike humanoids. Picture Asgore and Toriel from Undertale. Their homeworld, Ebbott, is marked in pink in the bottom-left of the sector. Ebbott is rich in uranium, and thus it's a target of the Edison Energy Exchange. Can a ruthless mining corporation maintain peaceful relations with a race of aliens?

The Fenen of Fenn (marked in blue) are a deeply religious race of primitive, crablike people who long to journey through the stars. Some desire peaceful cooperation with the star-sailing humans, while others take a more aggressive stance toward the fleshy non-believers. I imagine them appearing much like the mirelurks from the Fallout universe, with large claws for hunting prey and smaller, T-rex like limbs for more delicate work.

And finally, we have the worlds marked in purple, which belong not to an alien empire but to a human faction, the Preceptors. The Preceptors are an odd mix of religious body and technological institution. They seek to restore less-fortunate worlds to a respectable level of technology, and employ a variety of explorers and missionaries to serve as Adepts to spread and preserve humanity's knowledge. Their headquarters in the Kraken sector is the library of Alexandria, which is on the border with the Hist Empire. The Preceptors have a long history with the Hist, who take a very different approach to learning about humanity. The Hist have, on occasion, raided Preceptor vessels and vivisected the crew. The Preceptors don't take kindly to that, but are nonetheless a peaceful organization, incapable of exacting revenge. The Hist also hate the Preceptors for intruding on the sacred homeworld Scythia. Perhaps the players could help these two organizations come to a peaceful agreement? Or, more likely, get caught up in the war between them?

And that's all for tonight, reader. Thank you, and have a good weekend!


  1. The Fenen sound creepy. Are any of these aliens capable of producing psychics?

    1. That's a good question! Unfortunately, I don't have a good answer. I decided that the Hist were once ruled by a psychic Queen class, but that they were all wiped out in the Scream, and no Queens have been born since. The Ebbot are inspired by the "monsters" from Undertale, which do have magic powers, so maybe they should be capable of producing psychics. As for the Fenen, well... I haven't decided yet. They have strong claws and hard shells, so they don't need any help in combat. Maybe they could be telepathic, though? I dunno yet. :)


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