FL RPG: The Pickpocket

The Pickpocket is a Shadowy figure, haunting the dark alleys and opera-houses of Spite and Mahogany Hall, or running on the rooftops of the Flit. They often find themselves in trouble, but with the help of friends and underworld contacts, they can often con their way out of it.

But I have an alibi: At the beginning of the session, choose one other player to act as your alibi in case you're caught in a compromising situation (If they don't like it, shrug). Any time you do something that could be construed as illegal, ask them : Would you lie for me if I'm caught? If they say yes, you may go ahead and do it. If they say no, roll +Shadowy. On a 10+, go ahead and do it. On a 7-9, they may interfere with your next roll. On a miss, they are no longer your alibi. Choose another player.

I’ll take my leave: When all seems lost, you may roll +Shadowy. On a 10+, you escape. On a 7-9, you escape, but you lose something or take a wound or Suspicion. On a miss, you’re caught vulnerable mid-escape.

Friends in low places: When you successfully escape from a dangerous situation, roll +Shadowy. On a 10+, choose 2 from the list below. On a 7-9, choose 1. When you reappear, your underworld contacts have done you favors:

  • Kept you informed on what happened while you escaped.
  • Gotten the attention of a doctor. Heal 1-Wounds.
  • Gotten the constables off your trail. Remove 1-Suspicion.
  • Helped all other players escape.
On a miss, someone rats on you. Take +1 Suspicion.

Is there a problem, constable?: When you attempt to seduce, manipulate, or interrogate an officer of the law, you may roll +Shadowy instead of +Persuasive.

Prowler: When you attack from stealth, you may roll +Shadowy instead of +Dangerous.

(Fallen London is © 2015 and ™ Failbetter Games Limited: www.fallenlondon.com.  This is an unofficial fan work.)